Our outdoor facility area can accommodate a variety of seminars and workshops such as yoga seminars, butoh, acting, phonetic and kinesiology courses.
It is located at the main entrance of sunny garden right next to the seminar room. It is made out of rubber floor covering a diameter of 12, 5 meters and 7, 5 meters height.

Our main goal was to create a space which in combination with the seminar room can facilitate in adapting to the needs of various cultural events.


Στο ξενοδοχείο λειτουργεί cafe – bar οπού μπορείτε την ημέρα να απολαύσετε το πρωινό ή το καφέ σας και το βράδυ να χαλαρώσετε πίνοντας ένα δροσιστικό ποτό

Seminar area is located at the main entrance of our hotel and is basically Sunny Garden’s last added space.
The main building is made out of Swedish wood in colors of brown and green. Teaching room is large and spacious with a surface area of 15 meters length, 7,5 meters width and 6,5 meters height.

The space is capable of accommodating up to 70 people and is ideal for any type of seminar or conference.

The lounge has comfortable chairs for meetings , bulletin board , projector , screen and sound installations for better organization of your event . Our basic interest has to do with the ability to provide high standard service for the organization of seminars and lectures in a calm and natural environment.